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Cheshire Hairdressing Academy

in conjunction with Stephen Boyd Hairdressing

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Models Required

These Services are carried out

by our apprentices and students.

Ladies Cut and Blow Dry £9.99
Ladies Wash and Blow Dry (short hair) £6
Ladies Wash and Blow Dry (long hair) £9.99
Gents Cut £5

Please phone the salon and ask for a 'school appointment'

The above prices are available most days depending on which students are working.
You will need to ask for the "SCHOOL"
otherwise you may be allocated to the salon which is more expensive.

Colour Corrections are not
available in the School.

We recommend that clarifying shampoo is used at home by all colour clients before their appointment and is recommended to be used
at least fortnightly.(available in salon)

It is not possible to choose which student will do your hair, and please be patient.....they are still training. Please do not expect to get the same standards
in the training school as in the salon.


If you have a specific style in mind, we would recommend you use the salon instead of the school.

It is not possible to mix School and Salon appointments, for example....You can't have your hair cut in the Salon and coloured in the School......You would need to decide
if you would like to be a School Client or a Salon Client.

Allergy tests will be required 48 hours before any scalp colour is applied (home testing kits are available). Please ask for more information.



We sometimes offer free services in the school, when a student needs to practice a particular service.
Please fill in the feedback form to
register as a free model and indicate which service you would agree to participate, i.e. wash and blow, or cut and blow
or half head highlights etc etc. (please note, this is the only way to participate). We will then contact you when we need you
as a model in the school.

We also need models to help us when we do hair shows and for photo shoots. Please email your details with pictures.
You don't have to have anything done that you don't want i.e. fashion colours.